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Unnamed Road
Methoni, 240 06

+30 27230 31600

Ulysses is a traditional, family run hotel, located in the beautiful village of Methoni in the southwest Peloponnese. Ulysses Hotel has been ranked as the number 1 hotel in Methoni on TripAdvisor. Located 100 metres from the sea and the castle of Methoni, provides easy access to some of Greece’s most beautiful beaches. Nicoleta's delicious breakfast is something that you will certainly not forget! 


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Hunting neutrinos..

Nikos Markopoulos

methoni/pylos neutrinos

According to the Big Bang theory, over 15 billion years ago the universe was created by a giant explosion. Since then, billions and billions of neutrinos, particles with zero mass, moving at the speed of light across the universe, penetrating the mass and continue their nonstop crazy journey. The aim of the scientists is to capture a neutrino, to study and learn that through this, the secrets of the universe and the history of human evolution.

For this reason, NESTOR institute, in Pylos - Greece, has created the largest neutrino telescope in the world. A giant photonic telescope, with innovative design and high technology, is facing the stars and detecting neutrinos. It is immersed in the deepest point in the Mediterranean Sea, at the crack of tectonic plates of Europe, Asia and Africa, very close to the coast of Methoni.

The “neutrino hunting project” is happening in mythical Messenia and is one of the most ambitious experiments in the world.

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