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Unnamed Road
Methoni, 240 06

+30 27230 31600

Ulysses is a traditional, family run hotel, located in the beautiful village of Methoni in the southwest Peloponnese. Ulysses Hotel has been ranked as the number 1 hotel in Methoni on TripAdvisor. Located 100 metres from the sea and the castle of Methoni, provides easy access to some of Greece’s most beautiful beaches. Nicoleta's delicious breakfast is something that you will certainly not forget! 


Keep up to date with news and information from Methoni, Finikounda, Voidokilia and Sapientza island.   


Ulysses Yoga Garden

Nikos Markopoulos

Feel the sea breeze… Listen to the bird sounds.… Practice Yoga in the beautiful garden of Ulysses Hotel, under the vines.

Yoga Teacher: Nireas
Yoga Class: Every Wednesday, 18.00 to 19.00

Ulysses Methoni Yoga
Ulysses Methoni Yoga
Ulysses Methoni Yoga
Ulysses Methoni Yoga

Stafidopita (raisin pie) with yogurt

Nikos Markopoulos

Stafidopita & yogurt

We need:
- 1 cup of fine semolina
1 cup of fresh milk
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of corn oil
1 cup of chopped walnuts
1 cup of blonde raisins
- 2 grated apples 
2 eggs
1 tablespoon cinnamon
1 small glass of cognac
3 tablespoons flour
3 teaspoons baking powder

We soak the raisins in cognac, for 30 minutes. We put all the ingredients in the bowl of the mixer, except walnuts and raisins. We beat at medium speed until they become fluffy.
Finally we add the walnuts and the raisins and mix them with spatula. We spread the mixture into a buttered and floured pan. We bake in preheated oven at 180 ° C for 1 hour.
Once stafidopita is cooked, we remove from the oven. We let it cool and turn it upside down on a platter. We serve with yogurt. 

- 1 φλυτζανι του τσαγιου σιμιγδαλι ψιλο
1 φλυτζανι του τσαγιου γαλα φρεσκο
1 φλυτζανι του τσαγιου ζαχαρη
- 1 φλυτζανι του τσαγιου αραβοσιτελαιο
1 φλυτζανι του τσαγιου καρυδια χοντροκομμενα
1 φλυτζανι του τσαγιου σταφιδες ξανθες
2 μηλα τριμμενα στον τριφτη
2 αυγα
- 1 κουταλια της σουπας κανελα
1 ποτηρακι κονιακ
3 κουταλιες της σουπας αλευρι
3 κουταλακια του γλυκου baking powder

Μουλιαζουμε τις σταφιδες για 30' μεσα στο κονιακ για να φουσκωσουν.
Βαζουμε στο μπολ του μιξερ ολα τα υλικα, εκτος απο τα καρυδια και τις σταφιδες. Τα χτυπαμε σε μετρια ταχυτητα μεχρι να γινουν ενα ομοιομορφο και αφρατο μείγμα.
Στο τελος προσθετουμε τα καρυδια και τις σταφιδες και τ’ ανακατευουμε με σπατουλα. Απλωνουμε το μειγμα σε μια φορμα βουτυρωμενη και αλευρωμενη. Το ψηνουμε σε προθερμασμενο φουρνο, στους 180° C για 1 ωρα.
Μολις ψηθει η σταφιδοπιτα, τη βγαζουμε απο το φουρνο, την αφηνουμε να κρυωσει και την αναποδογυριζουμε σε πιατελα. Σερβιρουμε με γιαουρτι.

Looking at the Clouds

Nikos Markopoulos

Methoni clouds
Discovering clouds in Methoni
magnificent clouds
clouds in Messinia
methoni clouds


I am the daughter of Earth and Water,

         And the nursling of the Sky;

I pass through the pores of the ocean and shores;

         I change, but I cannot die.

For after the rain when with never a stain

         The pavilion of Heaven is bare,

And the winds and sunbeams with their convex gleams

         Build up the blue dome of air,

I silently laugh at my own cenotaph,

         And out of the caverns of rain,

Like a child from the womb, like a ghost from the tomb,

         I arise and unbuild it again.




By Percy Bysshe Shelley

Methoni. Αs time goes by...

Nikos Markopoulos

Discover Methoni... 
Where tradition meets beauty... Where nature meets hospitality... Where blue skies meet golden sunsets... 

Homer called Methoni "αμπελόεσσα: rich in vines" and tradition maintains that the village is so called because the donkeys (oni) carrying its wine used to get drunk (metho) from the heavy aroma. Homer also mentioned that Methoni was one of the seven cities that Agamemnon offered Achilles in order to alleviate his anger.

Laze by the sea or explore archaeological sites like castle of Methoni,  Nestor Palace, ancient Messini and natural wonders, like Sapientza island, Voidokilia beach, Gialova lagoon and the Polilimnio waterfalls.

Spectacular views and emotional scenery ! Absolutely breathtaking ! You should definitely visit  Methoni.

the beach
View of Methoni
Methoni old house
methoni castle
Methoni view
Methoni castle
old house
village of Methoni
village of Methoni
boat in Methoni
Bourtzi - Methoni

Photos by Nikos Markopoulos


Discover Methoni

Nikos Markopoulos

Discover Methoni... Where tradition meets beauty... Where nature meets hospitality... Where blue skies meet sunny days... Live an unforgettable experience in Ulysses hotel. 

Special Offer

Nikos Markopoulos

Ulysses olive oil.jpg

Book now at the Ulysses hotel and get a bottle of a premium quality extra virgin olive oil. 

This is early harvest olive oil made from fresh unripe olives with bitter and spicy taste and very low acidity. It is made from Koroneiki olives, the best Greek variety and it is the perfect topping for salads, fish, potatoes, vegetables, bread dipping, mediterranean dishes, pasta, and of course cooking.

Ulysses Hotel. There is always something waiting for you in Methoni !

Hunting neutrinos..

Nikos Markopoulos

methoni/pylos neutrinos

According to the Big Bang theory, over 15 billion years ago the universe was created by a giant explosion. Since then, billions and billions of neutrinos, particles with zero mass, moving at the speed of light across the universe, penetrating the mass and continue their nonstop crazy journey. The aim of the scientists is to capture a neutrino, to study and learn that through this, the secrets of the universe and the history of human evolution.

For this reason, NESTOR institute, in Pylos - Greece, has created the largest neutrino telescope in the world. A giant photonic telescope, with innovative design and high technology, is facing the stars and detecting neutrinos. It is immersed in the deepest point in the Mediterranean Sea, at the crack of tectonic plates of Europe, Asia and Africa, very close to the coast of Methoni.

The “neutrino hunting project” is happening in mythical Messenia and is one of the most ambitious experiments in the world.

Videos :

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Chameleons, turtles, landscapes and history

Nikos Markopoulos

Flamingos in the lagoon of Gialova

Flamingos in the lagoon of Gialova

The Gialova lagoon (25 km away from Methoni), is an exceptional physical environment, an important biotope with a variety of ecosystems. It is a place of supreme beauty and interest. Visit it during the whole year, and enjoy the variety of flora and fauna that it has to offer.

It is one of the parts of Greece that is the route of the migratory birds on their way to the South. Here you can find most of the kinds of birds of Greece. It is also the only part of Europe that is the habitat of the African Chameleon, an endangered species.

The Gialova lagoon is the habitat of a large variety of birds and animals. Explore it!

Birds, nature, history, chameleons, turtles, landscapes, all that compose a pleasant and educational excursion for everybody.

Heart island

Nikos Markopoulos

Heart Island - Methoni.jpg

It is one of the most amazing heart-shaped islands in the world. Called by locals as “Kardia”, due to its heart-shaped silhouette, the small rocky island is a skerry of the Sapientza Island, in the Messinian Golf. With a population of seven inhabitants, according to the latest census, the island is almost a desert paradise.

Source: The most amazing heart-shaped islands in the world